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Shaq O'Neal Lauds Stephen Curry's Impact On The Game: "I See A Bunch Of Little Kids Dribbling, Shooting 100 Footers... He Has Given Them A Chance."

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(via The Ringer)

Stephen Curry is one of the best guards to step on the floor, and there are many who view him as the best point guard of all time. While Curry does have some competition for that top PG spot, his impact on the game of basketball is undeniable. Despite being a small point guard, Stephen Curry became a superstar over the course of his career, with his shooting moving the game towards the way it is played today.

It is way harder to lead your team to a championship as a smaller guard, without a physical edge to dominate your opponents. That is what makes Stephen Curry one of the most impressive players ever: in a game of giants, he buckled the trend. There are many players who admire the way he plays: one of them is Shaquille O'Neal. 

During an interview O'Neal had with All The Smoke hosts Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, he admitted that Stephen Curry was one of his favorite players, and talked about Curry's impact on the game.

Steph Curry is messing the game up. I'm on the internet now, I see a bunch of little kids dribbling, shooting 100 footers… He’s doing something for them, he has given them a chance… Steph is probably the most influential player when it comes to little people, right? Cause I see a lot of little guards, like little kids… they’re doing stuff I can’t even do, and it’s good.

I used to hate him, early on in his career… But he proved me wrong, that’s why he’s my best player. I like being proved wrong. So my message to these young kids when I say something, prove me wrong.

Shaquille O'Neal is right: when one sees guards like Stephen Curry succeed, it means that there is potential for little guys to do some damage in the league. The game has changed with Stephen Curry's shooting. Stephen Curry is a player who forced the game to evolve, and that alone speaks volumes of his greatness.