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Shaquille O'Neal Joked About Stephen Curry's "Whoop That Trick" Comment: "Looks Like The Trick Is Fighting Back."

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NBA Fans Call Out Stephen Curry For Flopping At The End Of The Game: "Steph Curry Deserves An Oscar For That Flop."

The Golden State Warriors have recently suffered a humbling defeat against the Memphis Grizzlies, losing 95-134. Many expected them to come in and close out the series but it is clear that they were unable to do so.

Before the game, many expected the Golden State Warriors to win against the Memphis Grizzlies and close out the series. Stephen Curry definitely felt confident about the team having a good game, as he trolled the Grizzlies prior to the start of Game 5, claiming that the Warriors' game plan was to "Whoop That Trick".

"Whoop that trick". That is our gameplan.

At halftime the, Golden State Warriors were down by 27, and it was hard to see them fighting back to win the game. At halftime, Shaquille O'Neal roasted Stephen Curry for his comments, joking that "the trick is fighting back".

They're playing with a sense of urgency. They didn't want to go home. They heard all the. Steph... "We're going to whoop that trick" and all that. Well looks like the trick is fighting back

There is no doubt that the Memphis Grizzlies showed a tremendous amount of resolve to beat the Golden State Warriors, especially by blowing them out without Ja Morant. Desmond Bane and Jaren Jackson Jr. both stepped up for the team, and they'll need to do that again if they are to extend the series to 7 games.

This was a disappointing showing for the Golden State Warriors, but they will have a chance to finish this series and move on to the Western Conference Finals in Game 6. The Memphis Grizzlies won't be an easy team to dispose of though, even if they are without a superstar.

We'll see who ends up being victorious in this series. The Memphis Grizzlies have made it a fight now, and if they manage to force a Game 7, then anything could end up happening.