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Shaquille O'Neal Roasts Steve Nash In Live Interview: "Can You Show Me One Of Those MVP Trophies You Stole From Me?"

(via Inside The NBA)

(via Inside The NBA)

One of the great controversies of Steve Nash's career are the back-to-back MVPs he won in 2005 and 2006. As great a player as Nash was at the time, his numbers were relatively low for an MVP winner, and, even today, they remain that way. He averaged just 15.5 points in '06 and averaged just 18.8 the season after.

Compared to guys like Shaq, Kobe, and even LeBron, the case can be made that it should have been someone else. No matter what you think, it was and still is a pretty big debate to this day.

Well, on TNT's "Inside The NBA," Shaquille O'Neal got to speak with Nash via video chat, where the former Lakers big man made a hilarious reference to those MVP trophies.

"If you're at your house, can you show me one of those MVP trophies you stole from me?"

Shaq was hovering at around 20 points and 10 rebounds during those two seasons, the latter of which being the same one he won his fourth (and final) Championship in.

Of course, in his response, Nash joked how a true MVP had to be able to knock down his free-throws -- something O'Neal had been notoriously bad at.

All joking aside though, Nash deserved his accolades because, at the time, he was one of the NBA's best players. It's not gonna stop folk from being a bit salty about it, but that's completely out of his control.