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Skip Bayless Boldly Claims Ben Simmons Would Be More Valuable To The Lakers Than Anthony Davis

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The Ben Simmons situation that the Philadelphia 76ers have on their hands is currently unresolved. Ben Simmons still hasn't touched the floor this season for the franchise, and the franchise hasn't yet traded him. It is clear that the two parties are going to separate from one another eventually.

One of the franchises that Ben Simmons has been linked with is the Los Angeles Lakers. It would definitely be interesting to see if they can acquire him later on in the season. Simmons would certainly help them improve their defense.

Skip Bayless has recently claimed that if Ben Simmons were on the Los Angeles Lakers, he would be more valuable to the team than big man Anthony Davis. Bayless brought up the durability of Ben Simmons as an argument to make his point and added that it feels as though Anthony Davis has "semi-retired" after winning the 2020 NBA championship.

Ben Simmons gives you this: he's 3+ years younger than Anthony Davis...he's been pretty health. AD is not relatively healthy... If you want a basketball player, I suggest Ben Simmons right now would be more valuable to you than Anthony Davis. I don't know what's happened to him. He got his ring, and it almost felt like he semi-retired. Like he's not that into it anymore... I don't see the urgency in his game.

Anthony Davis hasn't had the best durability this year, and there's no doubt that Ben Simmons does win out in that category. With that being said, it's hard to see Ben Simmons be able to thrive on the Los Angeles Lakers with their current spacing even if he'd likely play more games than Anthony Davis.

The Los Angeles Lakers do need to make some changes, and getting Ben Simmons would certainly give them a new look. However, even with their current roster, the Los Angeles Lakers have enough talent to be a contender. They have been inconsistent all season, but perhaps we'll see them go on a run soon.