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Skip Bayless Says He's Rooting For A LeBron James And Kyrie Irving Reunion: "I Think Kyrie Irving Would Be On His Best Behavior With LeBron Because He Grew Up And Wised Up..."

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving

As Lakers fans worldwide wait for the news of Kyrie Irving's arrival, some have already imagined what such a reunion might look like.

Even for notorious LeBron hater Skip Bayless, the possibility of the former teammates linking back up in Southern California is just too exciting to ignore.

“I want to see Kyrie and LeBron James reunited,” Bayless said. “I think it would be the story of the year, I think it would be great theater.”

“I think Kyrie Irving would be on his best behavior with LeBron because he grew up and wised up and figured out, ‘I blew that. I had something that was pretty special — very special — and I blew it up because I thought I was that guy, and I’m not that guy. I can’t do this by myself but I can do it with him."

The last time we saw LeBron James and Kyrie Irving wearing the same jersey, they made three Finals appearances and compiled one of the greatest Finals comebacks in sports history.

While this Irving saga could extend for weeks or even months, Lakers fans should be feeling good about their odds of landing him before next summer.

"Kyrie is an extremely talented player, but at $36 million with one year on his contract, it is hard to find teams that have the construction to offer and are going to accept the risk," said Brian Windhorst. "You can spend five minutes or five hours looking at it and you're gonna come down to one answer, the only team is the Los Angeles Lakers. Any trade with the Lakers and Nets for Kyrie Irving has got to have Russell Westbrook in it. It's just gotta... so I think this is eventually going to happen, but I think it’s going to be a fight along the way.”

So, as the offseason rages on, things will halt to a standstill until some kind of deal is reached. For the Nets, the longer they hold out, the more problems can arise for the team.

For the rest of us, all we can do is watch and wait to see how it all plays out. If Skip has it his way, it will end with Kyrie and LeBron wearing the Purple and Gold in Los Angeles.