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Stephen A. Smith Says Scottie Pippen Should Be Ashamed Of Himself: "He Crossed The Line."

Stephen A. Smith Says Scottie Pippen Should Be Ashamed Of Himself: "He Crossed The Line."

To this day, the 90's Bulls are seen as the benchmark for success. They won six titles in less than a decade, dominating the league on a scale never seen before.

At the center of it all were Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, who had amazing chemistry on the court during their run.

And while nothing will take away what they accomplished together, it seems their relationship isn't trending in a positive direction nowadays.

Over the years, Pippen has taken some pretty tough shots at his former teammate. Most recently, he's spoken out about how Jordan's attraction to the spotlight was to the detriment of his teammates, and even how Jordan released 'The Last Dance' documentary to save his own legacy.

On ESPN's First Take, Stephen A. Smith issued a scathing response.

"Let me be very, very clear. Scottie Pippen should be ashamed of himself. My heart goes out to him because this is clearly an underappreciated -- or at least a person who feels underappreciated. And let me remind you that the world recognizes you as one of the top 50 players in the NBA history... 

Smith pointed out a few flaws with Pippen's surprising stance...

"So here we are nearly 30 years later and this is what you do? It seems like Scottie Pippen is blaming Michael Jordan for what has ailed him. So let's go back in history because we need to correct the record -- and if it sounds like I'm coming to the defense of Michael Jordan, you're damn right I am.

Pippen keeps bringing up how Michael Jordan was Michael Jordan 'because of us.' Well he was a CHAMPION because of y'all, but do I need to remind anyone of who Michael Jordan was before Scottie Pippen ever arrived? So to act like 'we helped him win and that's what made Michael Jordan,' no. That's what made y'all."

The esteemed ESPN broadcaster also highlighted how much of Pippen's own complaints about being "underappreciated" are actually the result of his own doing.

In the end, it's hard to come to terms with just how the relationship between the former teammates has deteriorated.

And while Jordan has not responded to any of Pippen's statements, one can only imagine what's running through his head right now.