Stephen Curry Says Sixers Will Win The Championship And Seth Curry Will Be The Finals MVP: "I’m A Pseudo-Sixer Fan Now"


Stephen Curry's Golden State Warriors aren't part of the 2021 NBA playoffs, but that doesn't mean the point guard isn't paying attention to all the events happening around the league. 

The veteran sharpshooter has some interests in the Eastern Conference and is rooting for one of their teams to win it all this season. A couple of months after admitting he was unaware that his brother's team ranked 1st in their conference, Curry is now high on the Philadelphia 76ers. Moreover, he is tipping them to win the championship this year, with Seth getting Finals MVP honors. 

After watching two rounds of the playoffs, the 3x NBA champion predicted what teams are going to the Finals this year. According to Curry, it will be a duel between top-seeded squads. 

Talking with Ann Killion of the San Francisco Chronicle (via Clutch Points), Curry said:

“I’m a pseudo-Sixer fan now,” Stephen said, predicting a Philadelphia-Utah Finals, with Philadelphia winning and Seth Curry named Finals MVP.

That is a bold prediction, more so knowing that his brother can face former teammate Kevin Durant in the Eastern Conference Finals. The Brooklyn Nets are a very solid team, considered the favorites to win the East and the NBA championship by plenty of people.

Well, Steph is not one of them. He's supporting his brother, and seeing how well the Sixers played this season, it won't be crazy if they take the Nets down on their way to the Finals.

Moreover, he talked about his second consecutive year missing the playoffs. The Warriors lost two games in the play-in tournament, which led to an early finish to their season.

“I’m not the type to turn them off because I’m not playing,” the Warriors star said. “That first Memphis-Utah game was hard, because I imagined in my head, mentally and physically, that we should be playing right now. Once we got that over, I was good. I love watching and playing. The whole deal.”

Curry and his team are entering a moved offseason where they'll try to bring the right pieces to compete next season. With Klay Thompson returning from an ACL injury, the Dubs will be eager to prove they're not done in the league and they have what it takes to keep competing in a stacked Western Conference.