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Steve Kerr On Chicago Bulls: "I Still Cheer For Them All These Years Later... They're Becoming A Real Contender, So That's Exciting."

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The Chicago Bulls Look Like Legit Championship Contenders Right Now

The Chicago Bulls last made the playoffs during the 2016-17 season. They have now had four seasons without a playoff appearance, but that looks as though that could change this season.

There is no doubt that the reinforcements that the Chicago Bulls have acquired have been extremely impactful. They added DeMar DeRozan, Lonzo Ball, and Alex Caruso during the offseason, and as a result, they are now 8-4 and 3rd in the Eastern Conference. The Chicago Bulls have looked good on both ends thus far, but of course, there will be some growing pains for the team.

Steve Kerr has recently commented on the Chicago Bulls' ascendance, claiming that they are becoming a "real contender". Steve Kerr has won 3 championships as a coach, and his Warriors are currently 11-1. He has also been part of multiple championship teams during his time as a player. We can infer that Steve Kerr definitely knows what a contending team looks like. 

I’m happy for the Bulls. I still cheer for them all these years later ... they’re becoming a real contender so that’s exciting.

There is little question that there is excitement in Chicago after a few years of mediocrity. Zach LaVine, Nikola Vucevic, and DeMar DeRozan are certainly a fearsome trio, and on any given night they'll carve up a defense. While that did not happen against the Warriors, the Bulls may well bounce back moving forward.

While some people don't see the Chicago Bulls winning the 2021-22 NBA championship if they keep up their stellar play, they will certainly have a chance. Nobody is calling them the favorites to win a ring, but they are certainly up there in the contending ladder. Hopefully, we see Zach LaVine lead the team on a deep playoff run, and they have the talent to be a special team.