Steve Nash Reveals The Truth About James Harden: "He Is Not At 100%"

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Steve Nash Reveals The Truth About James Harden- "He Is Not At 100%"

Ahead of the series-deciding Game 7 on Saturday, Nets head coach Steve Nash revealed the status of his star, James Harden, who has returned to the court after suffering a hamstring injury in Game 1.

“James (Harden) is not at 100%. He’s got to protect himself—He’s not going to be able to push the ball in transition,” Nash said, per Ajayi Browne of USA Today.

The Nets have been circulating their "big three" all season long, as each has dealt with their own injury recovery over the past few months.

Unfortunately, the Nets already have to go without Irving this series, so having Harden compromised as well leaves them very shorthanded against a hungry Milwaukee team with a 2x MVP.

The question is, can Kevin Durant provide enough to propel them to victory?

He certainly did that in Game 5, when he dropped a 49-point triple-double, but all bets are off in Game 7. Without his two best players, the burden falls on him to carry his squad and give them a chance to compete in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Going forward, it might give the team enough time for Harden and Irving to get healthy and back into playing shape.

But Durant will have to win them one more before that can become a reality.