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The Denver Nuggets Are 9-1 Since Jamal Murray Went Down With An ACL Injury

Credit: USATSI 

Credit: USATSI 

Just when people thought the season was basically over for the Denver Nuggets, Mike Malone and his players have found a way to keep improving their level even after Jamal Murray, their second-best player, went down with a season-ending injury. 

Murray tore his ACL a couple of weeks ago during a loss to the Golden State Warriors. The point guard was dealing with some issues with his knee and that was the breaking point for him. Following that incident, a lot of people believed it was over for the Nuggets but they've demonstrated that's not the case. 

In the last 10 games, the Nuggets have only lost one match, beating big rivals in the process and climbing to the top 3 in the stacked Western Conference. Redditor 'baiqibeendeleted17x' found out that this team is actually on fire right now. 

When bubble superhero Jamal Murray was lost for the season with an ACL tear, many regarded it as a devastating setback for the budding Denver Nuggets that needed to take advantage of every season of prime Jokic it can get. This year was more or less written off as a lost season.

Instead, the Nuggets have caught fire, ripping off their best 10 game stretch of the season. With tonight's win over the Clippers, the Nuggets have overtaken them for the 3 seed.

Ironically, this might actually be a bad thing as the Lakers dropped to the 6 seed with the Mavericks win tonight.

As this user says, with the Los Angeles Lakers now ranking 6th in the West, this situation might not be ideal for the Nuggets. But, the purple and gold aren't the same team they were last year and even though they can reach that level again, it doesn't seem like they are as dangerous as before. 

Plus, the Nuggets faced them in the WCF last year and that could be an extra motivation for Malone and his pupils. They added a very good point guard in Austin Rivers and they already had a well-rounded roster. 

In the past 10 games, they beat big rivals like the Miami Heat, the Portland Trail Blazers and more recently, the Los Angeles Clippers. This team can be more dangerous than people expect but if the season ended today, they would have to face probably the worst rival in the first round of the playoffs.