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The Lakers Are Reportedly "Hopeful" That Russell Westbrook Will Increase His Corner 3PT Percentage

NBA Rumors: Russell Westbrook Is More Likely To Be Traded To The Utah Jazz Than The Indiana Pacers

Russell Westbrook has had a fantastic career in the NBA, and there's no doubt that he will end up retiring as a Hall-of-Fame player. He has made a name for himself as an explosive scorer at the rim and as an elite passer.

Despite his numerous skills, one of Russell Westbrook's weaknesses throughout his career has been 3PT shooting. While he's never been able to have an elite 3PT percentage throughout a whole season, Westbrook has shown some ability to knock them down when wide open in the past.

Recently, a report by Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports revealed that the Los Angeles Lakers are hoping that Russell Westbrook's 3PT percentage will increase from the corner next season. The corner 3PT shot is generally considered the easiest 3PT shot to make, and it would be very beneficial for the team if Russell Westbrook manages to improve his efficiency from that area of the court.

The team is also hopeful for a corner-3 shooting percentage bump from Russell Westbrook next season, sources said.

Hopefully, we do see Russell Westbrook improve his 3PT shooting for next season. Part of the reason he was a poor fit next to LeBron James and Anthony Davis is due to him not being a threat from beyond the arc. 

Of course, there is a chance that Russell Westbrook will get traded by the team before the start of the season. He has been linked with a move to the Brooklyn Nets, in exchange for star point guard Kyrie Irving in the past. That seems like a realistic option for the Lakers, and we'll see if that ends up happening.

Perhaps we will see Russell Westbrook adapt to his role next season and be able to become a less ball-dominant off-ball player. While he has struggled with long-distance shooting in the past, there have been other players that have improved their jump shots late in their careers. Maybe Russell Westbrook can become one of them.