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The New York Knicks Won 18 Playoff Series And 81 Playoff Games With Patrick Ewing And Only 1 Playoff Series And 10 Playoff Games After Trading Him

Patrick Ewing

The New York Knicks are one of the most popular and prestigious franchises in the NBA. Although the Knicks might not have won the NBA title as many times as other legendary teams like the Boston Celtics or the Los Angeles Lakers, the Garden is known as the home of basketball for a reason. 

With some of the most passionate fans out there, New York is a favorite place to play for many NBA superstars. Over the last two decades, the New York Knicks have seen many lows rather than highs. Missing the playoffs multiple times and failing to make any significant impact in the postseason, the Knicks at one point became the laughingstock of the NBA.

But things were very different back in the 1990s. Led by one of the best centers ever to play this game in Patrick Ewing, the Knicks were an Eastern Conference juggernaut. With a solid supporting cast around a generational star like Ewing, the 90s New York Knicks teams had some incredible playoff runs.

In fact, with 'Big Pat' leading the way, the Knicks won a whooping 81 playoff games and 18 playoff series, making it all the way to the NBA Finals as well once. Another incredible statistic is the number of playoffs wins the Knicks have had after letting go of the legendary big man.

Ever since Ewing left the team, the Knicks have won only 10 playoff games and a single playoff series showing the fact that the Knicks have failed to find a talismanic player to build around and be consistent as well.

A thing to keep in mind is that the 90s was perhaps the hardest time to succeed in the Eastern Conference as well with Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls absolutely decimating each and every team.

Given that the Knicks were even competitive against Jordan and the Bulls is simply mind-boggling. The team will need to find a consistent young star whom they can build around if they want to return to their past glory. Can the New York Knicks ever reach the 90s Knicks' level of success?