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Utah's Quin Snyder Is Reportedly Stepping Down As Jazz Head Coach

Quin Snyder

After another disappointing playoff run, there was a sense that changes were inevitable for the Utah Jazz. Now, ahead of Game 2 of the Finals, it seems the first domino has fallen for the franchise.

According to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, Snyder is positioning to leave the team for good this summer and is expected to be available for hire in the near future.

Despite some prosperity in the regular season, Snyder was unable to lead his team deep into the playoffs, and it seems he's ready to give someone else another try.

The question now is, where will he go next?

With the Lakers job already occupied, the Hornets are currently the only team in the NBA who have yet to fill the position. Some have even suggested that he'll take a year off before coming in to replace Gregg Popovich in San Antonio:

After breaking the record for All-Time coaching wins on Friday, the entire NBA erupted in celebration and Pop made sure to show his appreciation to the city. Meanwhile, the Spurs are already thinking about who might come to replace him.

According to Marc Stein, there are whispers that Jazz coach Quin Snyder could be the guy.

“More and more, I hear Snyder's name as a potential Pop successor that the Spurs would naturally relish.” 

Snyder has already proven to be among the best coaches in basketball. Year after year, he had the Jazz competitive in a Western Conference that is unforgiving, at best. In the right situation, he could be the guy that brings his team a championship.

No doubt, over the next few weeks, Snyder's name will pop up all over the rumor mill as teams consider his services. It will be interesting to see how the sweepstakes end, and which team ends up with the prize.