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Video: JR Smith Caught A Man Who Smashed His Car Window And Beat The Hell Out Of Him

Credit: TMZ

Credit: TMZ

We're living some strange times right now. The Covid-19 pandemic made thousands of people lose their jobs, then George Floyd's tragic murder outraged most of the American population, as institutionalized racism has cost many lives already.

Several NBA players have joined the protests in the past couple of days, with Jaylen Brown driving 15 hours from Boston to Atlanta, Lonnie Walker IV helping to clean out San Antonio, Dennis Smith Jr joining Joe Cole; and even Stephen Jackson and Karl-Anthony Towns speaking up at Minneapolis.

Most recently, Jordan Clarkson and J.R Smith were spotted in some protests in Los Angeles, but sadly, their story didn't end up as expected.

Thing is, Smith caught a looter breaking his SUV's window, so he chased him down, took him to the ground, and let him have it. Big time.

Smith kicked him several times and punched him in the face while one of his friends was urging people not to film the incident. However, TMZ Sports ended up with the footage anyway. The former NBA champion didn't hesitate to post his own version of the story on social media before the footage was posted and made viral, confessing to beat the hell out of the protester for trying to smash his window.

Smith added that they were in a residential neighborhood with no stores or anything at all, so the protestor was just trying to create mayhem rather than loot or actually stand up to authority.

Notably, he's unlikely to face charges for assault following this beat down, as the protestor would have to confess to smashing his window in the first place. C'mon guys, be responsible, be safe.