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Video: Ray Allen Debunks A Fan's Argument For LeBron James Being The GOAT

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LeBron James

LeBron James is one of the greatest players of all time, and he is widely viewed as the greatest small forward of all time. Many people even view him as the greatest player ever, though the majority of NBA fans believe that the GOAT is Michael Jordan.

Recently, a video of Ray Allen was posted on Tik Tok, and it features Allen debunking a fan's argument for LeBron James being the GOAT. Ray Allen pointed out that LeBron James isn't fantastic at FT shooting, 3PT shooting, and dribbling. He then goes on to mildly roast the fan for saying LeBron James is the GOAT when he doesn't excel in those categories.

Fan: He can score and pass it.

Ray Allen: Is he a great free throw shooter? Is he a great 3PT shooter? Is he a great dribbler? So you're saying he's the GOAT, but he's not even the greatest in all them categories.

Every player has weaknesses, even the best of the best like LeBron James. Ray Allen played with LeBron James on the Miami Heat, and it's interesting to hear that Allen doesn't seem to believe that LeBron James is the GOAT. Ray Allen clearly has a lot of respect for Michael Jordan, even admitting that he was "scared to death" when playing Jordan for the first time.

“My second game of my rookie year preseason, we played against the Bulls in 1997. So, Imagine that as a 21-year-old kid, you are playing against MJ. I was scared to death and in 97′, imagine hearing that theme song when he run down the floor and people they’re ready and waiting to watch the game.

I’m on the floor stretching, and he runs down the floor, and I had to look up. It was like this is so surreal to me that I’m sitting on this court right now, and I have watched this for the last 10 years of my life. So, I am like I am rooting for you against me.”

LeBron James is entering the ending stages of his career, but he is still clearly a superstar. Perhaps he can improve his GOAT case in the future by winning more championships with the Los Angeles Lakers.

As of now, though, it seems as if the majority of the world believes Michael Jordan is the GOAT. However, that doesn't mean that LeBron James is any less of a player, and there is no shame in being viewed as the 2nd best player ever.