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Vince Carter Claims Robert Sarver Told Two Suns Players To "Take Him Out" When He Was Having A Good Game

Vince Carter

There has been a lot of attention towards the Phoenix Suns and their governor Robert Sarver, as he has recently been accused of being racist and sexist, with details being featured in an article by ESPN. Even before that, Sarver didn't have the best reputation.

Vince Carter has recently weighed in on the Robert Sarver situation with an incident that happened to him. According to Carter, Robert Sarver told two of his former teammates on the Suns to "take him out" due to him playing well, as Sarver didn't want Carter to "show him and the team up".

I kinda experienced this as a player coming back after I played there. He walked into the locker room, from what I was told by two teammates that are reliable and trust in what they say.

He wasn't happy with me playing well, coming back into Phoenix, and we were winning the game. He wanted them to take me out. Put me on the ground. "Don't let him have fun in our building" because he felt that I was trying to show him and the team up.

While a certain level of physicality and toughness is allowable in the league, there's no question that hurting any player on purpose is wrong. Luckily, it's obvious that his teammates didn't follow Sarver's directions, and Vince Carter ended up playing in the league for years to come, ending up finishing his career with the Atlanta Hawks at 43.

The NBA has launched an investigation into Robert Sarver and the Phoenix Suns, and it remains to be seen what sort of findings they uncover. It is clear that there has been something going in on in Phoenix, and hopefully, the law firm that the league hired gets to the bottom of this. Hopefully, we hear about the results soon.