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LaVar Ball On 1-On-1 vs. Michael Jordan: "There's No Way He Can Beat Me 1-On-1. I Don't Care If You're George Washington Or Jesus, You Can't Beat Me 1-On-1."

LaVar Ball vs. Michael Jordan

LaVar Ball is known as a very outspoken person, who generally is willing to express his opinions no matter how controversial. We've seen him talk up the basketball abilities of both his sons in Lonzo Ball and LaMelo Ball. His claims on a lot of subjects are generally viewed as outlandish by NBA fans.

Recently, LaVar Ball was on radio station 95.7 The GAME in San Francisco. He discussed a variety of topics with Bonta Hill and Joe Shasky on The Morning Roast with Bonta and Shasky show. 

Among them was the topic of a 1-on-1 against Michael Jordan. LaVar Ball has previously claimed that he'd be able to beat Jordan, as well as LeBron James in a 1-on-1. LaVar Ball stated that "there was no way" Michael Jordan would beat him 1-on-1, citing the fact that he was "6'6'' 270 pounds and benching 500" while boldly stating that not even "George Washington or Jesus" would beat him 1-on-1. (3:30)

There’s no way he can beat me one-on-one. I was 6-foot-6, 270 [pounds] and benching 500 pounds. One-on-one? You’re going to need some help... I don’t care if you’re George Washington or Jesus, you can’t beat me one-on-one.

There's no doubt that this is definitely a bold claim and one that the majority of people would disagree with. It remains to be seen if a 1-on-1 between LaVar Ball and Michael Jordan will happen in the future.

As the radio station is based in San Francisco, LaVar Ball also spoke on some Warriors-related topics. LaMelo Ball has been a sensation with the Charlotte Hornets, and it's clear that the sky is the limit for him. The Golden State Warriors had the opportunity to select him in the 2020 NBA draft, but they ended up picking athletic center James Wiseman, as they've lacked a dominant big man. LaVar Ball offered his thoughts on the matter and stated that he knew that his son wouldn't go to the Warriors "because Steve Kerr was the coach". (7:40)

I knew that Melo wasn’t going to go to Golden State because Steve Kerr was the coach. He called me -- I don’t know if hecalled me a Kardashian or my son, I don’t know what he said -- but I called him the Milli Vanilli of coaching. That was not going to work. How are you going to play for a guy who’s kind of mad at your dad? Now you gotta listen to him? I can see him saying, 'I’m your employer, don’t listen to what your dad is saying.' I can see that. That’s not going to let Melo play. You got to think about your coach and your father.

LaMelo Ball and Stephen Curry would have certainly been a great duo, and many would suggest that the Warriors should have just drafted Ball. Later in the show, LaVar Ball also offered his thoughts on Stephen Curry, saying that the superstar can shoot that ball" and "got a killer instinct" but also stated that Curry is still a little guard, and whoever is the "strongest in their position" is usually the best player. (15:30)

Steph Curry is good, that boy can shoot that ball. But he's still little... Whoever the strongest in their position, is usually going to be the best at that position. Like centers, Shaq was the strongest. We talking about LeBron, small forwards, he's the strongest. Dwyane Wade was one of the strongest 2 guards... Now, I gotta give Curry some love. That little lightskin boy will fool you, he look like a pretty boy, but he got a killer instinct.

There's no question that this was a very intriguing interview and that LaVar Ball offered some insight into how he views basketball. It's clear that he values physicality and strength in the game, and there's no doubt that it is an important component of basketball.

LaVar Ball has been fairly quiet in the media in recent memory, but it is definitely good to hear his thoughts on NBA-related topics with two of his sons being established players in the league on competitive teams. It's obvious that whatever he did got his sons to the league. Hopefully, the family's basketball success continues in the future.