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Young Star Cameron Boozer Is Looking Like The No. 1 Prospect In The Class Of 2025

Young Star Cameron Boozer Is Looking Like The No. 1 Prospect In The Class Of 2025

Cameron Boozer is probably the best 14-year-old in the game of basketball right now. The son of former NBA All-Star Carlos Boozer is already 6'7” and an absolute force on the court. Like his father, Cameron possesses freakish strength while also progressively growing taller. 

Cameron isn't alone, as his twin brother Cayden is also ranked as one of the best players in the 2025 Class. The high school freshmen have a long way to still go before they can make it into the NBA, but they are on the right path. Cameron, in particular, is already being ranked as the best prospect of his class, with some competition from Cooper Flagg.  

The students in the 2025 Class are yet to be assigned star rankings and be ranked by major Draft websites, but Boozer already has a complete game. He is a barrelling power forward that has the strength to finish inside while also having the guard skills to dribble the ball and create his own shot.

Boozer was playing in the Nike Elite Youth Basketball League in Louisville and had a leading scouting website, 24x7 Sports say this about his performance:

In all honesty, it was a fairly quiet game for Boozer but that's not saying he wasn't productive and when a 215-pound big man is taking the ball the length of the floor before hitting his defender with a crossover-jab at full speed, getting by him off the dribble and then finishing with his left-hand with a reverse, you can't help but wonder who else can do that.

In another instance, Boozer caught the ball at the top of the key, drove left saw the help drop down and immediately fired a smooth left-hand hook pass over the defense to a teammate spotted on the perimeter (he's not left-handed). Again, for a big man, you can't help wonder who else is doing that. (h/t: 24x7 Sports)

The skills they are describing for Boozer show that he has a very complete game at his age. There aren't many details on whether he is a modern NBA big that can stretch the floor, but he is young enough to develop that aspect of his game now. Considering the top picks in the 2022 NBA Draft were all big men, it should encourage Boozer to know his future may be safe if he can be a well-rounded modern big man in the NBA.

He still has a long way to go to make his NBA dreams come true. He reportedly holds an offer to play college basketball for the Duke Blue Devils, just like his father.