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NBA Rumors: Cleveland Cavaliers Could Trade For Caris LeVert Or Joe Harris

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Caris LeVert and Joe Harris

The Cleveland Cavaliers are a team that has absolutely exceeded expectations from many fans and analysts this season. Due to a variety of factors, they are currently 19-13 and 4th in the Eastern Conference.

There is no question that the Cavaliers are having a great year. However, every team always has room to get better. It seems as though for the Cavaliers, that may happen through a trade. On an episode of the HoopsHype podcast, writer Chris Fedor revealed that the Cavaliers are going to be "buyers" ahead of the trade deadline and that Caris LeVert and Joe Harris would both be names that the Cavaliers would be intrigued by.

I think they’re going to be buyers. I think there’s a recognition that if the cost makes sense to acquire a player, they’ll explore that. One of the things, since this rebuild started, is they’ve always shied away from breaking up the core. I think if you look around the roster, the front office still believes that there are some ancillary pieces that probably have some value. They also have a first-round pick that they may be more willing to give up because it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a high lottery pick the way that many people predicted coming into this year. They may be willing to part with that with some protections and something along those lines.

Caris LeVert is a name to watch there. I think if the Brooklyn Nets decide that they want to make some changes, Joe Harris is somebody the Cavaliers would be very interested in. Terrence Ross of the Orlando Magic fits the bill as well.

Both players could potentially help the Cleveland Cavaliers. Caris LeVert is more of a shot-creating forward who thrives in the midrange, while Joe Harris is known for being an elite 3 and D player. Notably, the Indiana Pacers have been rumored with trading some players to start a rebuilding process, with Caris LeVert being one of them.

Even if they don't make a trade, it looks as though the Cleveland Cavaliers will be a playoff team this year. Evan Mobley and Jarrett Allen have anchored a great defense, while Darius Garland looks like an All-Star. Hopefully, they are able to get back to the postseason, and perhaps even win a series.