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NBA Rumors: Detroit Pistons Would Give Up Jerami Grant To Get Ben Simmons

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NBA Rumors: Detroit Pistons Would Give Up Jerami Grant To Get Ben SimmonsDraft SharePreviewPublish

Ben Simmons has made his return to the city of Philadelphia, officially reporting to the Sixers' team facilities. However, few expect Ben Simmons to be a Sixer for the whole 2021-22 season, and report over this past offseason have consistently stated that Ben Simmons wants an exit to get a fresh start.

The most optimal solution for the Philadelphia 76ers regarding Ben Simmons is using him as a part of a trade package to get a superstar. Stephen A. Smith has recently claimed that the 76ers could trade for James Harden, suggesting Daryl Morey is "trying to get his hands" on the Brooklyn Nets guard. The two notably had a great partnership during their time with the Houston Rockets.

But if the 76ers are unable to get that superstar that they desire, perhaps a trade offer that features a good player that can contribute immediately would do the trick for them. They could potentially get a player which fits that description from the Detroit Pistons. According to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, the Detroit Pistons would be willing to give up Jerami Grant to pry Ben Simmons from Philadelphia.

It's believed the Pistons would entertain moving Jerami Grant to acquire Simmons, yet it's hard to see the former Sam Hinkie draft pick definitively improving Philadelphia's title odds.

Jerami Grant is a great two-way forward that averaged 22.3 PPG, 4.6 RPG, and 2.8 APG last season. While Grant isn't an All-Star-level player yet, he is still a great forward who can create his shot and shoot from the perimeter. As the No. 2 option on the 76ers, he'd face less defensive attention than in Detroit, and he'd certainly be a good fit with Joel Embiid. 

It's easy to see why the Detroit Pistons would want Ben Simmons as well. They'd be getting a DPOY-caliber defender who is also an elite playmaker. Simmons would also be able to get a lot of touches offensively on the Pistons, which could help him develop his scoring. Pairing a talent like Ben Simmons with Cade Cunningham also has its appeal.

There are definitely some solid players out there that the 76ers could get in return for Ben Simmons. It remains to be seen whether Daryl Morey will end up trading Ben Simmons for anything less than an All-Star though, and the 76ers have thus far shown willingness to stand strong and wait for a good deal.