NBA Rumors: Miami Heat Are Still Interested In Kyle Lowry

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Ryen Russillo Claims Kyle Lowry Is Letting Everybody Know He's Getting Traded By The Raptors

Kyle Lowry is a player that has been linked to the Miami Heat prior to the trade deadline but ended up staying put with the Toronto Raptors. There is no doubt that Lowry is a Toronto legend: he is one of the veterans that helped bring Toronto its first title in 2019 and had the best stretch of his career in Toronto.

Despite his iconic status in the city, Kyle Lowry could potentially decide to leave the Raptors this summer, as he will be a free agent. It seems as though the Miami Heat have kept their interest from before the deadline, as Ethan Skolnik has recently reported that nothing has changed about the Heat's desire to get Lowry.

To get back to Kyle Lowry, the interest is still strong, nothing has changed there. I still believe that the most likely scenario for the Miami Heat this offseason is Kyle Lowry is their new point guard next season... If you were to ask me to put money on it right now, that's still where I'd go with it.

It seems as though Kyle Lowry could leave his long-time basketball home in order to go and team up with Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo on the Miami Heat. Lowry will have a lot of suitors in free agency, and it seems as though the Heat will be vying for his services.