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NBA Rumors: Pelicans Could Land Karl-Anthony Towns For A Package Centered Around Brandon Ingram

NBA Rumors: Pelicans Could Land Karl-Anthony Towns For A Package Centered Around Brandon Ingram

Karl-Anthony Towns has already spent six seasons with the Minnesota Timberwolves and during his stint with the team, the franchise has achieved nothing major. If anything, they have been stuck in a mediocre position in the league and will hope to get out of it soon.

Towns is currently the franchise player and primary superstar on the team, but with D'Angelo Russell and former first overall draft pick Anthony Edwards, the Timberwolves essentially have a super team in the making. The only issue is the fitness of Towns and his chemistry with the teammates.

Considering Minnesota has failed to do anything remarkable in years, it might disgruntle towns. Ultimately, that might contribute to Towns looking for a way out.

On that note, Corey Rausch of Hoops Habit suggested a hypothetical blockbuster trade that could occur between the Minnesota Timberwolves and New Orleans Pelicans.

New Orleans Pelicans Receive: Karl-Anthony Towns, Josh Okogie

Minnesota Timberwolves Receive: Brandon Ingram, Jonas Valanciunas, and draft picks

New Orleans Pelicans Get A Much Needed Superstar Big Man

Previously, the Pelicans placed all their hopes on the shoulders of Anthony Davis, their first overall pick back in 2012. Davis became an instant superstar for the organization, but there was one issue, the team around him was still pretty bad. As a result, he requested a trade to the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2019-20 NBA season, thus leaving a huge void in the team.

Last season, the organization gave it a whirl with the trio of Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, and Zion Williamson. Unfortunately, it wasn't as successful as the team might have wanted it. With Ball already leaving the team, the Pelicans might want to rebuild around Zion. The best way to do that? Pairing him up with an established superstar in the league. 

The combination of Zion and Towns could be very deadly on the offense. Considering that Towns can space the floor for Williamson, the dynamic duo would be pretty hard to contain. The only issue is Towns' defense, but the pros outweigh the cons without a doubt. 

In the previous season, Karl-Anthony averaged a stunning 24.8 points along with 10.6 rebounds per game while shooting 48.6% from the floor.

Minnesota Timberwolves Push For A Playoff Spot

This season many believe that the Timberwolves might be the dark horses to make it to the playoffs after the season is over. They have not been a playoff team since the 2017-18 NBA season and even that year; they were eliminated in the very first round.

As of now, the roster is looking good for the Timberwolves with the core of D'Angelo Russell, Anthony Edwards, and Karl-Anthony Towns. But if Towns is traded, he will be replaced by Brandon Ingram, who has already proved his worth during his stint with the Pelicans. Additionally, Jonas Valanciunas can play as the center for the team.

He might not be as good as Towns, but he is not bad either. The main focus of the opponents would be on Ingram, Russell, and Edwards which would at times leave Jonas free to score. The big man can contribute on the defensive end of the court as well and is a great rebounder of the ball as well. 

In his last season with the Memphis Grizzlies, he averaged 17.1 points and 12.5 rebounds per game. As for Ingram, he can contribute to the scoring department and the team can expect 22-23 points from him on any given night.

Although this is a hypothetical trade, there is currently no word about Towns leaving the franchise. Even during Ben Simmons' trade rumors to the Timberwolves, the franchise made it extremely clear they have no plans to include Towns, Russell, or Edwards in a trade package. But will they change their mind in the future? Only time will tell.