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The Perfect Trade For The Wizards And Sixers: John Wall For Al Horford, Tobias Harris, Josh Richardson And A Future Pick

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The Philadelphia 76ers ended their season on a very bad note during the NBA playoffs. With Ben Simmons going down with a leg injury, Joel Embiid was forced to lead Philadelphia against the Boston Celtics in the First Round.

The Sixers ended up getting swept in four games despite having all the other pieces on the roster healthy. With guys like Tobias Harris and Al Horford already on the squad, there is no way that Philadelphia should have gotten swept. After all, these are not the Larry Bird lead Boston Celtics and are actually a rather young group of players.

As a result, the Philadelphia 76ers need to make some changes to help their superstar players out. Tobias Harris recently signed a max contract and he has not performed up the level they expected of him. The same goes for Al Horford, as he has a ton of skill as a modern big man but does not seem to fit in the scheme of the Sixers style of play. In a Blockbuster Deal, the 76ers can make arrangements with the Washington Wizards to help both teams get back to winning ways.

Here is the perfect trade idea for Washington to ship out former All-Star John Wall for a mix of talented Sixers players.

Trade Package: John Wall For Al Horford, Tobias Harris, Josh Richardson, And A Future First-Round Pick

Why The Wizards Need This Deal

John Wall

The Washington Wizards have been very bad lately, especially with their franchise player John Wall out for the season with an injury. Even when Wall was healthy and playing at a high level, there are rumors that he was always beefing with fellow star Bradley Beal. Now that Bradley Beal has increased his level of play tremendously since Wall has been out, the Wizards do not want a repeat of the past. They must keep Beal, who averaged 30.5 PPG this season, and move on from John Wall who might never recapture his superstar form. He is older, more injury-prone, and seems to lack leadership intangibles to take a risk and keep him.

Not to mention, Wall is making supermax money. At this point, there are extreme doubts that he is not worth max dollars as the Wizards have not performed well in the postseason with Wall leading the charge. He beefed with Beal and even former starting center Marcin Gortat in the past, meaning he does not have the most affable personality. The Wizards can rebuild quickly and in a hurry by trading Wall to the Sixers, while also getting out of his atrocious salary.

Tobias Harris would be a dream fit alongside Bradley Beal since he can be the second option who can drop 20 a night (averaged 19.6 PPG this season). Horford can return to his spot as the main big guy in the lineup, without having to fit alongside a ball-dominant big like Joel Embiid. Richardson is a very good two-way shooting guard who can help out the lineup as well. A starting lineup with Beal, Harris, Horford, and Hachimura is very promising in the East. Richardson is a young developing player and a future first-round pick adds a nice chunk of change. If the Wizards re-sign Davis Bertans (15.4 PPG this season), a sharpshooting big man, they will have a lineup that can space the floor and score.

The Sixers Must Win With Joel Embiid And Ben Simmons

(via NBC Sports)

(via NBC Sports)

76ers are lucky to have two bonafide All-Stars on their squad. Ben Simmons is one of the best pure playmakers and all-around players in the NBA while Joel Embiid might be the most skilled and talented center in the game. This duo needs to win more, and Philadelphia does not necessarily have to move on from either of them. The problem with the Sixers this season was that their pieces didn't fit together, as Horford could not thrive alongside Embiid and Harris was out of his depth as a primary perimeter scorer.

The Sixers, by acquiring John Wall, add an All-Star point guard to assist Ben Simmons with ball-handling duties. On both ends of the floor, this Big Three is very talented. Especially with a motivated John Wall (who averages a career 19.0 PPG and 9.0 APG), the Sixers can push the pace if they want to or slow it down and feed it to Embiid. They must surround the Big Three with shooters, however, which is no longer a rare thing in today's NBA. The Sixers cannot seem to click with Harris and Horford earning max dollars, so moving two players for one max contract makes sense for them.

If Wall is healthy, he can challenge to be a top-five point guard in the game. Simmons can return to his natural position as a versatile power forward alongside Embiid, and the Sixers have some cap relief to fill up the two positions with shooters. Philadelphia has the luxury of having two All-NBA talents, and they must not break them up to keep Tobias Harris or Al Horford.


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