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NBA Power Rankings: Top 10 Worst Teams Right Now

Cavs 2018-19

With over a week in this year’s regular season already in the books, we can’t just jump ahead to conclusions and think that what we’ve seen is how’s it all going to end, but truth to be told, it’s already time some teams start doing something if they don’t want to miss the playoffs.

Some contending sides have gotten off to a very bad start of the season and even though it’s still pretty early, they’re going to be sorry when playoff time comes if they don’t make some changes as soon as possible.

Obviously, there are some teams we expected to be really bad before the start of the season, but there are also a few surprising names here. Today, we’re going to let you know about the top 10 worst teams of the year.

10. Minnesota Timberwolves: 3-4

The Minnesota Timberwolves were supposed to build on last season’s success but ever since the Jimmy Butler saga unveiled, some growing pains and lack of chemistry and motivation was to be expected.

With Butler still being involved in several trade rumors, Karl-Anthony Towns mightily struggling to find his rhythm and Andrew Wiggins sidelined with an injury, things aren’t looking quite good for Tom Thibodeau here.

9. Orlando Magic: 2-4

The Orlando Magic have been terrible for years now so this one doesn’t come as a surprise, especially coming from a team whose starting point guard is DJ Augustin and that has no outside scoring whatsoever.

Also, there was a lot of expectation surrounding Mo Bamba but the rookie has vastly struggled to score and dominate the glass. Hopefully, that changes when they eventually trade the red-hot Nikola Vucevic.

8. Chicago Bulls: 2-5

Nobody expected to be the Chicago Bulls to be good right out of the gate so this one isn’t a surprise either, even though we all expected them to be at least more competitive so far, but have been completely torched in the defensive end of the hardwood.

Still, this team is missing Lauri Markkanen due to an elbow injury and Kris Dunn has also been forced to miss most of the games, so we have to take this one with a grain of salt. Zach LaVine has been a beast, though.

7. New York Knicks: 2-5

There was absolutely no reason for Knicks fans to be optimistic or look forward to this season, and so far, they’ve shown exactly why, being once again one of the league’s worst teams in both ends of the floor.

Other than Tim Hardaway Jr, there hasn’t been a single bright spot in the Madison Square Garden this season, not even Kevin Knox. Hopefully, the rookie turns things around and starts proving his worth.

6. Los Angeles Lakers: 2-5

The Los Angeles Lakers were one of the hottest team of the offseason by completing the additions of LeBron James, Lance Stephenson, Michael Beasley and JaVale McGee, but are yet to prove their true potential.

Still, it’s pretty early in the season and they’ve shown glimpses of a great offense, but still need to do a lot of work in the defensive end. Moreover, they were forced to play without Rajon Rondo and Brandon Ingram for several games and some of their losses were quite close and against great teams.

5. Oklahoma City Thunder: 1-4

The Oklahoma City Thunder entered this season with high expectations by adding some firepower for the team’s second unit and finally offloading Carmelo Anthony, but haven’t been able to show their true potential yet.

Of course, Russell Westbrook is coming off a knee surgery and is still getting his rhythm back, while the team still misses Andre Roberson to get some stops, but they better get it going soon before they get left behind in the playoff picture.

4. Houston Rockets: 1-4

The Houston Rockets have been one of this year’s biggest busts, only winning a tough matchup against the Los Angeles Lakers before Chris Paul was handed that suspension and James Harden was forced to sit with a hammy issue.

The Rockets have really struggled to get anything going in either side of the glass and they’re aggressively pursuing a Jimmy Butler trade so they can go back to being the team that got the 1st seed in the WCF last season.

3. Phoenix Suns: 1-5

The Phoenix Suns looked like a much-improved team entering the season, hiring one of Europe’s best coaches, adding DeAndre Ayton, Trevor Ariza and Ryan Anderson, while Josh Jackson was set to step up during his sophomore year.

Needless to say, things haven’t changed much for the sluggish Phoenix Suns so far this season, and they definitely need a starting point guard right now. Also, Devin Booker being injured won’t help much.

2. Washington Wizards: 1-5

The Washington Wizards are terrible. They’re just god awful to watch and to make things even worse, you just can’t tell that those guys simply don’t get along. They dislike each other, take shots at each other, and aren’t likely to improve any time soon.

Kelly Oubre Jr has finally stepped up as a scorer and Bradley Beal has been quite consistent, but John Wall has been terrible in both sides of the hardwood so far, not to mention their overall defensive performance.

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1. Cleveland Cavaliers: 0-6

The Cleveland Cavaliers were so incredibly bad that the team even fired Ty Lue, a guy that should’ve never been hired to begin with. Now that LeBron’s out of town, Lue’s lack of expertise was finally exposed and patience ran out.

Other than watching Cedi Osman and Collin Sexton develop, there’s absolutely no reason why to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers, and they have a very good shot at finishing the year with the league’s worst record.