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The Most Realistic Starting Lineup And Roster For The Philadelphia 76ers Next Season

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The Philadelphia 76ers haven't made any blockbuster trades this offseason, but they should start next season with a formidable roster. They added some key role players this offseason to build around James Harden and Joel Embiid, and this is definitely one of the best rosters that they have fielded during the Joel Embiid era.

The goal for the Philadelphia 76ers next season will be getting out of the second round and potentially making the NBA Finals. They have not been able to do that over the course of the last few years, but perhaps that will change.

In this article, we will predict the most realistic starting lineup and roster for the Philadelphia 76ers next season. We can assume that most things on the team will stay the same between now and the start of the season, but obviously, things can change quickly in the NBA.

The Philadelphia 76ers Are Deep And Have A Star Duo


When the Philadelphia 76ers moved a Ben Simmons-centered package for All-Star shooting guard James Harden, their intentions were clear. They wanted a perimeter-based player who could provide playmaking and scoring to complement Joel Embiid's interior game. James Harden gives the team that supplementary scoring threat that can punish teams for doubling Joel Embiid in the interior, as well as someone who can run the offense. Meanwhile, Joel Embiid has also had a much easier time on the court with James Harden present due to Harden's ability to get him easy looks at the rim and on the perimeter. 

There's no doubt that the one-two punch between Joel Embiid and James Harden is very effective. However, the team does need a third player to step up to help them if they are to make some real noise in the Eastern Conference. The team is likely hoping that this player is combo guard Tyrese Maxey. In the playoffs, we saw Tyrese Maxey have a bit of a breakout, averaging 20.8 PPG, 3.5 RPG, and 3.9 APG. The Philadelphia 76ers will want him to produce like a third star and take some of the offensive pressure off of Tobias Harris, allowing him to focus on defense and rebounding.

The team notably has some solid 3 and D players on the roster as well: P. J. Tucker, Danuel House, and Georges Niang are both players that give perimeter shooting and perimeter defense. Those types of players are needed for any team to win a championship. They also have a solid bench ballhandler in De'Anthony Melton and one of the best perimeter defenders in the league in Matisse Thybulle. The Philadelphia 76ers are a deep squad, and if everything goes right for them, they will have a chance against any team in a 7-game series. 

The Most Realistic Roster For The Philadelphia 76ers

Starting Lineup: Tyrese Maxey, James Harden, P. J. Tucker, Tobias Harris, Joel Embiid

The Best Bench Players: De'Anthony Melton, Danuel House, Matisse Thybulle, Georges Niang, Paul Reed

The starting lineup for the Philadelphia 76ers basically features the best 5 players on their roster. While James Harden has modified his playstyle to be more playmaking-oriented rather than scoring-heavy, he will still likely be required to play the SG position. That is due to defensive assignments and the fact that he will still likely have to score a good amount. Tyrese Maxey will play the PG position and provide supplementary playmaking and complementary scoring. The two can definitely be switched around at the PG and SG position, but that is our prediction for the specific positions the two guards are going to play.

P. J. Tucker will likely start at the SF position. Tobias Harris was listed as a PF last season, and that is unlikely to change, as he is a good rebounder and has good size for that position. P. J. Tucker is a multi-positional player, and it makes sense for him to start at the SF position so he can guard the best perimeter player while spacing the floor, essentially playing the role of a 3 and D wing. 

Joel Embiid will obviously start at the center position. It is hard to envision him playing any other position for the Philadelphia 76ers. His interior dominance and rebounding are obviously elite for the C position, and there's a reason that he was in MVP talks last season. He can also space the floor, and it must be noted that the entire starting lineup for the Philadelphia 76ers can be effective from the perimeter.

As for the bench, it has a combo of good defense and offense. De'Anthony Melton projects to be the main bench scorer, ballhandler, and playmaker for the team, playing the traditional bench role. Matisse Thybulle will be the primary defender coming off the bench, and he is capable of guarding 1-4 due to his length. Georges Niang and Danuel House will provide shooting, while Paul Reed gets the backup center minutes. Overall, this is a well-rounded roster that has a combination of offense and defense.

The Philadelphia 76ers Are A Dark Horse Contender

The Philadelphia 76ers are clearly a dangerous team, but it's hard to put them on the level of teams such as the Milwaukee Bucks and the Boston Celtics. Those two teams have talent up and down the roster, as well a good amount of star power. The Brooklyn Nets will also likely be a top-tier team next season, as it was recently announced that Kevin Durant would be staying on the roster, which means that they will be a contender.

However, there is a chance that the Philadelphia 76ers can end up being on that true championship level next season. If James Harden plays at the level he did with the Brooklyn Nets, then the Philadelphia 76ers' ceiling will be much higher. Obviously, a lot is dependent on the improvement of Tyrese Maxey as well. Him having a true breakout year rather than just showing up in the playoffs can help the Philadelphia 76ers have a fantastic regular season and potentially finish as a top-tier seed. The key, though, will be the playoffs, and we'll see how the team ends up doing in the postseason.

While the Philadelphia 76ers aren't one of the favorites, it is fair to call them a "dark horse" contender as they could potentially get to the Finals and the championship if certain things go right for them and with a little bit of luck.