Kawhi Leonard’s future may be decided sooner than we think, as the player has apparently made up his mind about where he would like to play next campaign. On Monday, reports suggested that the NBA Finals MVP decided to inform the Los Angeles Clippers that they were no longer in consideration as his new team.

The report came from Fox Sports’ Chris Broussard, who reported that Kawhi was “leaning heavily toward the Lakers” and that sources close to Leonard confirmed that the Clippers were out of competition for the forward’s services. His prediction was included in a now-deleted story from Fox Sports Radio, which luckily some could capture elsewhere on social media.

It was not clear what the story meant for Leonard’s free agency, but the analyst made it clear that the Lakers are a clear frontrunner to sign the Klaw.

“I’m being told the Lakers are Kawhi Leonard’s first choice. He and his camp spoke with Magic yesterday and laid out what they want from the Lakers,” Broussard had reported earlier on Monday, via Fox Sports Radio. “Nothing crazy, just some additions to the staff and asking ‘Is Kawhi going to be treated like LeBron [James] in the organization?’, and all of that. As long as Jeanie [Buss] doesn’t do anything to screw it up in the meeting I’m told that’s his first choice.”

While the general consensus is that he’s indeed seeing the Lakers as his new team, there are some disagreements on whether Leonard will meet with the Clippers or not. For instance, former NBA player Kendrick Perkins took on Twitter to report that Kawhi was still planning to meet with the Clipps.

Unlike the majority of hot free agents during this offseason, Leonard is taking more time to make his decision, which increases the rumors of where he will take his talents next season. His camp has been very quiet about this process and with no reliable information, anybody can say whatever they want trying to get some attention.

We still have to wait to see what Leonard is going to do in probably the only big free agency decision we have left for this summer