LeBron James’ relationship with Draymond Green hasn’t always been the best. They have clashed several times in the Finals and the tension between the pair has been very visible in the past couple of years. Green has won three Finals against one of LeBron and during those duels, they developed a rivalry. The Warriors big man is well known for being very outspoken and he never hesitated to show Bron how he felt about him both on and off the court.

Well, that is not likely to change the upcoming NBA season, at least when they’re playing, but Draymond has shown that things changed for him about LeBron in recent hours, when he invited the King and the Lakers to celebrate the NBA title in White House in the wake of Joe Biden’s victory in 2020 US Elections.

This is great to see, especially knowing how bad Green could talk about LeBron in the past. The power forward even called James ‘a b*tch’ during the 2016 NBA Finals following a bad play from Draymond during the series. Flash forward we know that things aren’t the same now and Green is actually pretty cool with LeBron. Some could say that’s because both players are represented by Klutch Sports and it’s not good for business that they’re beefing.

Anyway, it’s good to see Draymond showing his class with Bron in a time that brought together the entire NBA community.