The Philadelphia 76ers dynamic duo of Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons have been linked with plenty of rumors in recent times, with some suggesting they are about to split and take different paths in the league, while others believe the Sixers will keep them together until they finally win a championship.

With Daryl Morey taking over as the new president of basketball operations of the team, those rumors became bigger in recent weeks but now, according to Daryl himself, Simmons and Embiid could be staying in Philly for a long time.

He participated in an “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit with Philadelphia 76ers fans, revealing his real feelings towards Simmons and Embiid. He didn’t specifically say it, but Morey made it clear that he respects their talents to separate them while they’re both in their prime.

“Both Ben (24) and Joel (26) are superstar players in the peak of their prime,” Morey wrote. “It is actually very rare to find examples where this is the case and it usually leads to something special. If you compare Ben and Joel to historic comparable players there is obviously no perfect comparison for either but both have a high probability to be in the top players of all time given how they have started and their age.”

These words make Philly fans dream about seeing their star duo together for the long-haul. People believe this is the last chance for Joel and Ben to show they can be good together and can compete for the title. Otherwise, the end of their partnership will be unavoidable, even for Morey and the respect he has for their games.