Luka Doncic is doing a lot of great things in his NBA career. Last year he took the world by storm, having arguably the greatest sophomore season in the history of the league, leading his Dallas Mavericks to the playoffs, being part of the MVP conversation at some point, and demonstrating he can actually improve his game, contrary to what a lot of people believed about him.

This season he has picked things right where he left them, earning a lot of comparisons with legends like LeBron James, Magic Johnson (who recently praised him as a generational talent), and even Larry Bird. Doncic has reacted to this, especially to the comparisons with the Boston Celtics legend and saying he just wants to continue playing, enjoy his time on the court and then see what happens but he’s not looking to get compared to anybody.

“You can’t compare me to Larry Bird because of the things he has done,” he said, speaking to ESPN. “It’ll be a long time so you can’t compare me to Larry Bird. I just want to keep hooping, have fun playing basketball.”

Truth be told, Luka is having a great third season in the league, even surpassing Bird at certain items.

The Slovenian point guard took his Dallas Mavericks to beat the inspired Brooklyn Nets, 115-98, to improve to 16-16 in the Western Conference. After a rough start to the season, Doncic is turning things around for the Mavs and even though rumors surrounding Kristaps Porzingis, the second-best player on the team, have been circling in recent days, the Texans just keep rolling.

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