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Adult Films Site Offers Paul Pierce $250K To Work As NBA Analyst With Strippers

Adult Films Site Offers Paul Pierce $250K To Work As NBA Analyst With Strippers

Paul Pierce may be out of ESPN but he’s not having too many problems after the multimedia company decided to end their relationship in the wake of a viral video that showed Pierce playing some cards with exotic dancers around him. The Boston Celtics icon had a curious reaction to this news, sharing a video on Instagram, just smiling.

He said that better things are coming his way and he’s not so wrong with that, as Pierce has drawn some attention from other companies interested in his services. They aren’t ESPN and aren’t strictly focused on sports but the 2008 NBA champion is definitely getting offers after his wild Friday night on Instagram live.

Porn site CamSoda has signed their names as one of Pierce’s suitors now that he’s back in free agency and they seem to be pretty serious about it. They offered The Truth the same job he had in ESPN but now combining his passion for basketball and his ‘passion’ for strippers.

Via TotalProSports:

Dear Paul Pierce,

I saw the news that you have parted ways with ESPN after you posted a video to social media of yourself with exotic dancers.

Being that you are now unemployed, I would like to extend you a position at CamSoda as our first-ever “NBA Analyst.” As our NBA Analyst, you would be required to stream yourself live on our platform every week night and discuss happenings around the NBA. Inside the NBA be damned.

Here at CamSoda, we champion exotic dancers, cam girls and sex workers. We would be more than happy to accommodate your penchant for women and you’d be free to stream with them while they twerk in the background and more.

We’d be willing to extend you an offer of up to $250,000.

Get in touch with me and we can discuss details and hopefully reach an agreement.


Daryn Parker
CamSoda Vice President

Seeing how things have gone for Pierce in recent times and how shameless he was while broadcasting that moment and after his firing from ESPN, it wouldn’t be crazy to see him taking this offer and joining CamSoda to continue his career as an analyst.

He surely will have more offers in the future, especially knowing his capacity to go viral with his comments and incredibly hot takes. Pierce has become a known name as an analyst after his constant criticism of LeBron James and the fact that he’s always saying he’s better than other NBA players.

If he actually decides to join this site, the internet would go 100 times crazier than when he appeared wilding with strippers on IG live.