Ben Simmons' Friend Accused Him Of Betrayal For Sliding In His Girl's DM

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Ben Simmons can't catch a break. After receiving criticism for his shooting woes and his decision not to play in the Summer Olympics with Team Australia, the point guard is now accused of being a bad friend. 

Actor Michael Blackson recently joined The Ringer's "Frequently Asked Questions" podcast, discussing his relationship with Simmons. According to Blackson, the Australian player slid into his girl's DM, breaking every friendship code between them. 

“Me and Ben had a falling out… We never even talked about it, but not too long ago Ben was in my girl’s DMs. Here’s the thing, me and this guy were so cool and so close, I threw girls at him, I hooked him up and this guy was still in my woman’s DMs. She didn’t want to tell me because she knew was friends but she had no choice but to tell me. Even when that happened, I stopped communicating with him, I didn’t want to distract him from his play and I’m like, 'if they win this series I might forgive him,' but then he lost and I went and started killing his ass. I tweeted about it."

Simmons is now dating TV personality Maya Jama, and they look very happy together. Before that, however, the player was shooting his shot with everybody, including the women he shouldn't even see. 

Well, this is another bad story about Ben Simmons. The player is getting ready for the next season, improving and expanding his game to help the Philadelphia 76ers. After a tumultuous 2020/21 season, Ben is ready to prove his doubters wrong and demonstrate he can lead this team in the Eastern Conference. 

Hopefully, he can stay out of trouble during the summer. He seems very happy with Jama, so there's no need to get involved in drama, especially with a friend.