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Bronny James Goes Viral After Posting Himself Smoking A Blunt On Instagram

Credit: IG/Bronny

Credit: IG/Bronny

Bronny James is once again making the headlines after posting a video of himself smoking what appears to be a marijuana blunt. LeBron James' eldest son always draws a lot of attention and fans are always trying to see what the kid is doing, good or bad for his career. In recent hours, the 15-year-old shared an Instagram story where he was in a dark room while taking a hit from a blunt.

James quickly removed the clip from his account but it wasn't as quick as other users who shared it on Twitter, where Bronny went viral. He's only 15, at that age, young people feel the need to experience with 'grown-up' things and weed is one of them. Of course, Bronny isn't just another regular teenager, he is the son of one of the greatest basketball players of all time and he is expected to do big things as a baller, too.

It's not 100% clear that he is smoking pot, but the video is very suggestive in the eyes of many.

Recently, he went viral after appearing on a TikTok video with a girl suspected of being his girlfriend.

While his parents are in Orlando as LeBron is chasing his 4th NBA championship, Bronny is trying to kill time playing video games, doing TikToks and now smoking weed, apparently.