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Dwight Howard Reveals He Has 25 Snakes At Home

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Following the Lakers’ victory over the Detroit Pistons, when the rest of the players were gone, Dwight Howard was talking to the media at the Staples Center’s dressing room. The veteran big man stayed there and spoke for about 10 minutes about several different topics.

Howard went through several subjects, including playing on a championship-caliber team again, the similarities of his career compared to Derrick Rose, and an unexpected conversation about his snakes.

It was revealed that D-12 owns a total of 25 snakes. After showing his repugnance for one of the reporters’ snakeskin heels, Dwight gave some insight on his pets, including some of the names for his snakes like She-Hulk, Godzilla, Mickey, and Minnie.

Although he’s not playing as he used to during his best days with the Orlando Magic, Dwight has adapted his game to become an important figure coming off the bench for the Lakers.

Just when everybody thought it was a mistake to sign Howard again, he’s far exceeded expectations and has become an important role player for the Lakers in the first half of the season.

We still have a lot of time before the NBA Finals start, but if this guy keeps helping his current team, it won’t be a shock if we see him defending the Purple and Gold jersey next May/June.