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Stephen A. Smith Says Kawhi Told Someone To 'Tell LeBron Stop Being Scared To Guard Me'

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

When the battle for Los Angeles in full swing, tensions on both sides are rising as the NBA's mid-season grind continues to rage on.

Many shots have been fired in the past few weeks and months, but the most recent comes from the Klaw himself, who apparently dared LeBron James to "stop being scared" to guard him.

"I was told by a very reliable source that Kawhi Leonard sat up there and said, 'Somebody tell LeBron stop being scared to guard me,'" Smith said. "That's what they said... That's the only basketball thing I've heard about the Lakers."

Since the report, Kawhi's teammate Lou Williams called it a bunch of baloney.

This isn't the first time Kawhi has challenged LeBron. Earlier this season, he crowned himself the new "King" of L.A. This, along with a long history of playoff battles, has stirred a pretty strong rivalry between the two.

And while Kahwi has denied ever challenging LeBron to guard him in their next faceoff, something tells me Bron will answer the call when it matters most.