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James Harden Had His Jersey Retired At A Strip Club After Spending $1M In One Night

Credit: USATSI

Credit: USATSI

James Harden is one of the most talented and famous NBA players right now. He'll finish his career as one of the best shooting guards in basketball history and one of the best scorers this game has seen. All those things make us believe Harden's jersey will be retired by the Houston Rockets after he calls it quits, but that's something that Harden already lived although it was not on the court.

Harden's enthusiasm for strip clubs is well known around the NBA and his love for those places earned him the right to get his jersey after one big night. During an episode of the Joe Budden podcast, one of the co-hosts Mal revealed the story when the Beard got his jersey from the rafters after having a crazy night, spending $1 million at a strip club in Houston (21-minute mark).

"James has his jersey like hanging from the top. They were doing that because they said James has been going in there spending like [a lot of money], you know what I mean? So they gave him his own jersey hanging from the rafters of the strip club.”

It looks like Harden lives by the words 'go big or go home'. He spent a lot of cash that night, which prompted the people in charge of the place to hang his jersey. If that's not the biggest sign of respect towards somebody, I don't know what is. It's hard to say if the jersey is still hanging, but the gesture must be unforgettable for the star.

Harden won the NBA MVP award in 2018, he's set to be crowned scoring champion this season but this honor is one to remember, as well.