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Julius Randle's Son Cried After The Knicks Lost To The Nets: 'I Hate Those Nets'

(via New York Post)

(via New York Post)

Julius Randle’s son went viral after his dad’s team, the New York Knicks, lost to the Brooklyn Nets for the third time this season, getting swept in the regular-season series. The Nets were propelled by Kyrie Irving to get the win even without James Harden and Kevin Durant.

The last New York battle of the campaign saw a very competitive game between these two good teams but it was the Nets who had the last laugh, beating the Knicks 114-112. After the match was over, plenty of Knicks fans were upset about the result and Randle’s son, Kyden, was very emotional.

His mother shared a video of the kid crying as they went out of the Barclays Center. The lady asked the kid what was wrong and he sent a big message to the Nets.

“I hate those [Nets],” he said while pointing out a picture that featured Kyrie Irving and James Harden.

Watching your dad lose again against that team and in the way they lost the last two games, that must be upsetting. Kyden was really affected by this and he let people know he hates the Nets.

It was a very touching moment for this kid, who went viral last year, too, after his dad shared a video of him learning how to play basketball, but taking things to the next level, shoving another kid to the floor after this didn’t pass Kyden the ball.

As he grows, he starts learning that in basketball, and life, sometimes you win and lose. Still, watching him with that passion against the Nets is very interesting.