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LeBron James And Savannah's Love Story: From High School Sweethearts To Basketball’s First Family

LeBron James And Savannah's Love Story: From High School Sweethearts To Basketball’s First Family

LeBron and Savannah James are basketball royalty. The couple has been together for nearly two decades, but that hasn't affected their love for each other at all. Savannah has been with LeBron James since his days as a standout high school player, and today, the two are one of the most important couples in the sport. Savannah is always by James' side, whether it be on the court or away from it.

They also have a big family, which LeBron affectionately calls 'James Gang'. But how did their story begin? For that, we need to go all the way to 2002. 

2002: The Beginning Of Their Love

LeBron James Savannah James Prom

James was a standout basketball player at St. Vincent-St. Mary. Savannah Brinson was a softball player and cheerleader at another school. They got to meet by chance and James asked her out on a date.

Their date went really well, but it was the next day where James started to win Savannah over. He brought her their leftovers from the previous night where they ate at a steakhouse. Their relationship continued to grow from there until James made it to the NBA. LeBron was one of the rare few players who made the jump directly from high school to the NBA, something Savannah did not expect.

The two stuck by each other and were each other's pillar of support. But it wasn't long before they would welcome a new member into their family. In 2004, during James' first season in the NBA, they learned that they were going to be parents. Both were very young at the time, and Savannah was nervous. But James told her that they would be alright. And thus, they became parents to LeBron James Jr., whose nickname is Bronny. 

2007: James Gang Starts To Grow

LeBron James and Family

As time went on James, began to become the best player in the league. And by 2007, James would also become a father of two, as his son Bryce-Maximus was born on the last day of LeBron's first NBA Finals appearance. While LeBron lost the series that day, it will still be one of the happiest days of his life. 

As time went on, James ended up becoming the biggest star in the league, winning consecutive MVP titles between 2009 and 2010. Everything was going right for LeBron James. But that is where the story changes. In 2010, after seven years in Cleveland, James shocked the NBA world when he announced he was going to Miami to join his friends Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to form a super-team. 

Overnight, James became the biggest villain in the NBA. That kind of adversity is extremely difficult to deal with. But luckily, James had the support of Savannah and his children. The couple moved to Miami in 2010.

2011: Making It Official And Coming Home

LeBron James Fiance Savannah Brinson

In Miami, James would have some of the best moments of his life. In December 2011, LeBron James asked Savannah to marry him, after 9 years of dating. She said yes, and the couple was engaged to be married. A few months later, James won his first NBA championship, and his family was right there by his side as he celebrated the biggest moment of his career. The next season, James and Miami did it again, winning another NBA championship. 

Just a few months later, LeBron and Savannah finally got married, in a huge wedding. James had his best friends like Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Bosh at the wedding. Even musical superstars Jay Z and Beyonce attended the wedding and performing their hit song 'Crazy In Love' for the couple. 2013 was an amazing year for James and his entire family.

But 2014 was the year where things would change for James Gang. LeBron finally became a girl-dad, as he and his wife welcomed Zhuri Nova James into the world. Zhuri was the first daughter of James, and he spoke about how it changed his outlook on the world. On top of this, James shocked the world once again, when he announced that he would be returning to Cleveland, four years after leaving the franchise. LeBron and Savannah were going to raise their family back home.

In 2016, James fulfilled his promise to Cleveland, when he won them the NBA championship in arguably the greatest Finals series of all time. After being down 3-1 in the series to defending champions Golden State Warriors, LeBron led the Cavaliers to an incredible comeback, winning the series in seven games. During the parade in Cleveland, Savannah was right by his side as the two celebrated in their city.

2018: Becoming An LA Power Couple

lebron savannah

Two years later, James and Savannah embarked on a new journey, as he signed with the Los Angeles Lakers. James and Savannah moved to Los Angeles and made it their home. In his first season there, James suffered a major groin injury, meaning he missed out on the playoffs. But the next season proved to be a major success. After a halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic, James and the Lakers went to Orlando for three months to participate in the bubble. 

There, LeBron went on to win his fourth NBA championship. James has described it as the hardest championship win of his career because he had to be away from his family for so long. But upon his return, he got to spend a lot of time with his family. This year, James has been spotted with his family a lot. He, Savannah, and their children took part in a commercial for Mountain Dew, showing the creative side of their entire family. 

James has always been a family man, and constantly shares lovely moments with his family with the world. Here are some of the best pictures that LeBron and Savannah have posted with their family on Instagram.

Recently, LeBron and Savannah have been making a lot of public performances. Most recently, the two graced the red carpet with the rest of their family at the premiere of LeBron's new movie 'Space Jam: A New Legacy'. As time goes forward, we will see more appearances from the King and Queen of the basketball of the world. But their love for each other has stood the test of time, and continue to do so in the future.