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Michael Beasley Shoots His Shot With Singer Meghan Thee Stallion

(via Hoops Rumors)

(via Hoops Rumors)

This week has been glorious for Michael Beasley, who signed with the Brooklyn Nets to return to the NBA. The forward can't be happier about it but he wants to continue his winning streak, this time off the court. Beasley has placed his attention to one of the most promising singers in the US right now and he didn't miss time to shoot his shot.

When the rap artist shared a selfie on Instagram, Beasley saw his opportunity and he wasn't going to let it slip. The Newly acquired Brooklyn Net sent a short and simple message to Meghan, making things clear from the get-go.

"You got it," he commented along with a bunch of emojis.


It remains to be seen if he scored. Seeing his luck over the next couple of days, maybe Beasley can get some digits or an Instagram message. The forward is ready to return to action with Brooklyn, a team that had to look for free agents to fill the roster. Several players went down with injuries during the season while others got infected by COVID-19.

Jamal Crawford and Beasley earned the call to the league again and we can't wait to see them back in action. Meanwhile, at the bubble, Beasley is trying to make some moves with Meghan.