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Rapper Lil Baby Gifts James Harden $250K For His Birthday

Rapper Lil Baby Gifts James Harden $250K For His Birthday

James Harden turned 33 this Friday, and it's fair to say he went off in the celebration. The Philadelphia 76ers shooting guard had a lot of famous people invited to the party, including former teammate Kevin Durant, confirming that they are on great terms following a tumultuous tenure with the Brooklyn Nets. 

Other celebrities attended the party where Harden threw his cake into the ocean while going on a boat, shocking a lot of people on social media. Things have apparently ended now, and fans are learning more details about the big night. One of them involves Harden's close friend Lil Baby and a huge birthday gift he got Harden. 

A short video shows the rapper carrying a big bag and giving it to the Beard, who was confused by the same. After people ask Harden to open up the gift, the player finds out he was given $250,000 in cash.  

This is a great gift, even if you're somebody as rich as Harden. Perhaps this won't make a big difference in his bank account, but it seemed like he really appreciate the detail from Baby. Of course, $250K would be a great gift for any other person in the world, but for now, we just have to see another human getting it. 

This upcoming season will be huge for Harden and his Philadelphia 76ers as they try to brush off the 2021/22 NBA season and prove that they are serious championship contenders. After getting eliminated by the Miami Heat in the first round of the playoff, the front office went out and found a couple of pieces that could help them reach the next level. 

With Joel Embiid leading the charge again, Harden will be in charge of helping the center reach the same level he had last season. He has to prove that he's not done, too, as things didn't go so well for him during his first half season with Philadelphia. He's playing with a chip on his shoulder for the upcoming season, so we'll have to sit and wait to see how hard things will be for Harden and co.