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James Harden Posts Photo Of Himself And Kevin Durant Hanging Out At His Birthday Party

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Kevin Durant Started 'Sniffing Around' The Philadelphia 76ers After Hanging Out With James Harden Despite Not Talking To Him After He Left The Brooklyn Nets, Says Bill Simmons

James Harden and Kevin Durant have been teammates on two separate teams, the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Brooklyn Nets. Though the nature of James Harden's exit from the Brooklyn Nets wasn't perfect, it is clear that the two stars are on good terms.

Recently, James Harden posted photos of himself and a number of celebrities at his birthday party. One of those celebrities was Kevin Durant, and it is clear that James Harden was having a good time with his friend. 

Notably, Kevin Durant and James Harden were spotted at a Travis Scott concert together earlier this summer. There were rumors that the two might team up on the Philadelphia 76ers as well, however, it has since been announced that Kevin Durant would be staying with the Brooklyn Nets and attempting to win a championship. It makes sense that Kevin Durant didn't end up getting traded to the Philadelphia 76ers, as the team had limited assets to make a move, and on top of that, the asking price from the Brooklyn Nets in a Durant trade was far too high.

Both players may end up competing against one another next season, as they are both on contending teams in the Eastern Conference. The Philadelphia 76ers look like they have an elite one-two punch in James Harden and Joel Embiid, and an emerging third star in Tyrese Maxey. Meanwhile, the Brooklyn Nets have their trio of All-Stars featuring Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Ben Simmons. A series between the two squads would definitely make for some must-watch basketball.

As of right now, it seems as though both James Harden and Kevin Durant are focused on enjoying their offseason. Hopefully, we see both stars come back refreshed, and dominating the league.