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James Harden And Kevin Durant Caught Partying At Travis Scott Show In London

Kevin Durant and James Harden

Even after their ugly divorce on the basketball court, there are no hard feelings between Kevin Durant and James Harden. In fact, according to recent video evidence, the two might still even be friends.

Thanks to a recent clip that is makings its rounds online, we know that the pair were seen hanging out at a Travis Scott concert in London -- and they looked to be having an absolutely amazing time.

They were also caught sharing a moment in the tunnels after the show, celebrating the event with cheers and applause.

NBA players hang out all the time, so it's really not that unusual to see two former teammates living it up in London. But for, those who recall Harden's split from Brooklyn might remember hearing about how much he hated KD's 'self-righteous' attitude. According to reports at the time, it was one of the main reasons for his exit.

“Sources say that much of the discontent between Harden and the Nets started in September when he arrived into training camp out of shape,” wrote Kevin Arnovitz of ESPN. “Durant had been understanding of Harden’s predicament in Houston as a man in need of new scenery but also tacitly expected his former teammate to commit himself to conditioning and self-care when he came seeking a title in Brooklyn, according to a source close to both stars. 

No matter what you believe about that whole situation, it seems that Harden and Durant have moved on. With James in Philly, and KD still working on getting somewhere new, there's really no reason for them to harbor any ill feelings towards each other.

It's just surprising that, after everything, James Harden and Kevin Durant aren't just cool, they're still hanging out as if nothing happened.