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Video: James Harden Throws His Own Birthday Cake Into Ocean From Yacht

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James Harden is a legendary shooting guard viewed as a first-ballot Hall-of-Famer. There's no doubt he's wowed many with his scoring exploits during his time with the Houston Rockets.

As for off-the-court activities, James Harden is well-known for being an avid partier who enjoys having a good time. Recently, James Harden was spotted partying on a yacht to celebrate his birthday (August 26th), and a video of him throwing his own birthday cake into the ocean went viral on Twitter. The person filming was clearly shocked that this happened, and it is not often you watch someone discard their own birthday cake without even having a bite out of it.

It is good to see that James Harden is having a good time and celebrating another year of life. He has been working hard this summer as he has been recovering from a hamstring injury that hampered him throughout the majority of last season. Harden has previously claimed that he would be able to get back to being a top-tier player once he deals with those hamstring issues, and hopefully, we see that happen.

“I’ve had the luxury of not having to deal with any serious injuries — with surgeries or whatnot — my entire career. But these last two years, I’ve been dealing with some hamstring issues, which are nothing to play with. So I’m taking this summer as an opportunity to do something for me, to make sure that I get back to the elite level that I know I can be at and that I will be at,” he vows. “So that’s priority No. 1. Basketball is the engine that drives everything — for us to be having this conversation, all the partners that I have, and the great things that I have going on outside of basketball — so I’ve got to make sure that’s on point.”

The Philadelphia 76ers acquired some solid role players during the summer to build around James Harden and Joel Embiid, and it is clear that they have a well-rounded roster going into next season. 

However, for them to truly be a championship-caliber team, they will need James Harden to become more of a scoring threat again, and we'll see if he is able to get back to top-tier form.