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Sixers Star Ben Simmons Is Now Engaged To British TV Host Maya Jama

Ben Simmons

When it comes to basketball, Ben Simmons has been dealing with a surplus of issues, most of which are directly related to his messy breakup with the Philadelphia 76ers. After months of trade demands, the team has tried to make him return, and Simmons has sacrificed millions to ensure that doesn't happen.

Still, it's not all bad for Ben. While he is dealing with a messy relationship in the NBA, his relationship with TV host Maya Jama has reached new heights.

According to The Sun, the couple is now engaged.

Confirming the engagement, a source close to the couple told The Sun: “Ben adores Maya and has fallen head over heels for her. He picked up the ring on Jewellers’ Row in the diamond district of Philadelphia the day before he proposed.

“He chose the ring himself and felt he knew exactly what she would want. Maya said yes and they’re both thrilled.”

“He and Maya have been together for much less time but, thankfully, she said yes. Ben was so excited, but they’ve decided to keep the news low-key and tell only those closest to them.

“Maya flew to New Jersey to spend Christmas with him and is still there now.

“They had a small family gathering last weekend and announced their engagement.”

Simmons, who once dated Kendall Jenner, 26, and Maya, who dated rapper Stormzy, 28, have since had matching tattoos to mark their love.

With the amount of money the two have made, the wedding is sure to be something grand, and there will likely be thousands of people in attendance.

Whether or not Simmons will invite any of his Sixers teammates, however, remains to be seen. In his war with Daryl Morey and the front office, every player on the team has been impacted in some type of way and there's no telling what the relationship looks like now.

Nevertheless, we're all happy for Simmons and Maya and hope that they enjoy a long and happy marriage together.