Stephen A. Smith Said He Loves Latinas While Shooting His Shot On Live TV 'Do Not Take Your Eyes Off Of It... For An Obvious Reason...'

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stephen a

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith is known as one of the most controversial analysts out there. The veteran has a unique way of debating, earning the love and hate from sports fans that watch his shows. 

Just like he's savage with some of his takes, the 53-year-old is wild when he flirts. A video from 2013 shows perfectly how smooth the man is when shooting his shot. During an old interview, the ESPN talent was ready to risk it all while talking to a Latina reporter. 

"What's up, everybody? Stephen A. Smith from ESPN in the house, and you're watching TAB Sports. Do not take your eyes off of it... For obvious reasons," he said while looking at host Brhitney Decamps. 

That wasn't the end of it for SAS. When asked about his Spanish, he went at it again, saying he needed some inspiration. 

"It's not good at all, but I'm working on it. I just need to be inspired, I need somebody to teach me how to speak español, so I'm working on that." 

Then he talked about how Latina girls perceive him, revealing that he never got that love back. He saw an opportunity and took it, giving fans a memorable time with this interview. 

This has to be one of the best interviews of Stephen A. He showed his versatility while teaching people how to approach women. As we know now, he didn't succeed with Ms. Decamps, but this is an excellent source of inspiration to shoot your shot.