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Stephen Curry Stars In Jordan Peele's New "Nope" Promo Clip

Stephen Curry Stars In Jordan Peele's New "Nope" Promo Clip

Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry is a larger-than-life personality. While he has made a name playing basketball, Curry's profile is much larger than just being a part of the sport. Like many other superstars, he is an individually recognized figure around the world, and he knows it.

Curry is one of the savviest individuals in the NBA, always extending himself for the right commercial opportunities. The first glimpse of this was when Curry took a chance on himself and chose to leave Nike and build his own personal brand with Under Armour

After Curry saw teammate Klay Thompson make his silver screen debut in the 2021 animated sequel for Space Jam, Steph had to also dip his toe into the world of Hollywood. He has done so by starring in a promo for Oscar-winning director Jordan Peele's next project 'Nope'. 

In the promo, Curry hits play on a record and starts dribbling a basketball before attempting a shot. Just as Curry attempts the shot, the lights go out and the record player stops playing. Steph misses the shot and follows the ball down a corridor as it rolls outside the building. As Steph approaches the ball, a sandstorm begins to which he just responds 'nope' and the promo ends.

The 30-second promo is to promote 'Nope', a widely-anticipated horror film that is scheduled to come out in Summer 2022. The director, Jordan Peele, is a noted comedian and director. His horror film 'Get Out' won Best Original Screenplay at the 2018 Academy Awards. 

It doesn't look like Curry has any notable role in the movie and his involvement is mostly confined to this promo. You know it's a horror movie promo when even Steph Curry can't make a wide-open practice shot. The spirits have to be aligned against you if Curry is missing a bucket like that, which makes sense why he would walk off in the end.