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72% Of NBA GMs Believe The Brooklyn Nets Will Win The 2021-22 Championship

NBA Rumors: Brooklyn Nets Can Create A Big 3 With James Harden

The Brooklyn Nets became a superteam the moment James Harden was traded to the team in a blockbuster trade. There is no question that a big 3 of James Harden, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Durant is more than enough firepower to win the championship. The Brooklyn Nets had the talent to do it last season, but unfortunately, Kyrie Irving and James Harden both suffered injuries during their series against the Milwaukee Bucks. That de-railed their chances of winning a title, even though took the Bucks to 7 games.

The team will certainly do their best to win the championship this season, and they're widely viewed as the favorite for the title by fans. It seems as though a lot of GMs are in agreement with the fans. According to a recent survey of NBA GMs, 72% of them believe that the Brooklyn Nets will win the title. Tim Bontemps of ESPN relayed the news.

In the annual survey of all 30 general managers released Tuesday by, the Nets received 72% of the votes to win the title, putting them well ahead of the only other teams to get any votes: the Los Angeles Lakers (17%) and the defending champion Milwaukee Bucks (10%).

The only two other teams to get votes were the Los Angeles Lakers and the Milwaukee Bucks, both of whom were champions in recent years. NBA legend and analyst Charles Barkley recently stated that the Lakers, Nets, and Bucks "are the top 3 teams in no particular order", and it seems as though others agree.

On paper, the Brooklyn Nets have the best team in the league. But no championship is guaranteed, even with a high talent level, and the Brooklyn Nets found that out last season. Hopefully, they are able to stay healthy this season, and perhaps we'll end up seeing them holding the championship trophy.