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Andre Drummond Believes He Could Dominate Like Brook Lopez And Deandre Ayton If He Got More Minutes

andre drummond

Andre Drummond is a fairly accomplished NBA player, as he has been a two-time All-Star and he has been able to average a double-double with high rebounding numbers most of his seasons in the NBA. While Andre Drummond isn't a center that can stretch the floor, he is still a solid player.

Recently, an Instagram commenter on Andre Drummond's post asked Drummond why he couldn't dominate like Brook Lopez and Deandre Ayton. Drummond's response was hilarious, as he suggested that he simply needs more minutes to reach that level.

It is clear that Andre Drummond wants more playing time. His minutes were reduced during the NBA playoffs, and it seems as though he could have contributed with his ability to rebound and score on the interior. While it is to be expected that he would have a smaller role on a team with two other offensive focal points such as LeBron James and Anthony Davis, there's no question that Drummond was underutilized.

It remains to be seen whether Andre Drummond will return to the Los Angeles Lakers. While they didn't have a good run this season due to injuries, they were a championship-caliber team when healthy. There's no doubt that Drummond could fill a niche on the Los Angeles Lakers, and perhaps the Lakers will elect to give him a new deal.