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Andrew Wiggins Opens Up On His Game Being Appreciated More Because He's In The Finals: "When I Used To Score A Lot In Minnesota Or Do Anything Special, You Did That But You're Losing... Doing That On A Winning Team Is Appreciated More."

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Andrew Wiggins

Andrew Wiggins was the No. 1 pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, selected by the Minnesota Timberwolves. However, despite the fact that he was a solid player, he was criticized as a player who didn't impact winning.

Since moving to the Golden State Warriors, though, Andrew Wiggins' career has made a turn for the better. He ended up making his first All-Star team this year and is currently playing a key role for the team in the NBA Finals.

Andrew Wiggins has recently opened up about the feeling of playing on the biggest stage and having more people appreciate his game. He pointed out that even when he scored a lot with the Minnesota Timberwolves; he wasn't being appreciated, and added that when one is on a winning team, they are appreciated more.

“There’s more exposure, doing it on a bigger stage. Even when I used to score a lot in Minnesota or do anything special, you did that but you’re losing. So, no one really cares. But doing that in a winning team it’s appreciated more.”

There's no doubt that playing on the biggest stage generally allows more people to get acquainted with one's game. Andrew Wiggins hasn't become that superstar that many thought he would be, but he is still a very good two-way player that is impactful on both ends of the floor. His defensive ability has been particularly noticeable in the playoffs.

Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are both high-volume wing scorers for the Boston Celtics, and Andrew Wiggins has spent a lot of time guarding both of them. He has definitely been able to bother Jayson Tatum during this series, and the Warriors will hope that he can continue playing elite perimeter defense on the Celtics' superstar. Andrew Wiggins is the X-factor in this Finals series, and we'll see if he continues to deliver.