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Andrew Wiggins Says He Was Happy To Make His Doubters "Kick Rocks": "When I First Got Here, Everyone Had Something To Say, Now Everyone Is Quiet."

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Andrew Wiggins has come a long way since his time with the Minnesota Timberwolves. He was once viewed as a disappointing player that never quite put it together in Minnesota, but ever since he moved to the Golden State Warriors, he has become an efficient two-way wing. He was crucial in the Warriors getting to the Finals and winning the championship.

In a recent interview with Kameron Hay of Complex, Andrew Wiggins was asked how it felt to prove the doubters wrong. Wiggins stated that he uses the talk as "motivation" and added that it was "good to just make those guys kick rocks".

Kameron Hay: You all were doubted, when you got traded to the Warriors, there were people who said that the Warriors window was closed, they would never win a championship again, let alone get back to the Finals. Does that make it even more gratifying to prove the naysayers wrong, the doubters wrong? Or do you not even pay much attention to that?

Andrew Wiggins: When they talk it’s all motivation. When I first got here, everyone had something to say, now everyone is quiet. That’s the best feeling, when people doubt you, and people sleep on you, and don’t think that you can do something that you know you can do, that you’ve been doing your whole life. It’s good to just make those guys kick rocks.

The Golden State Warriors could potentially repeat for another title next season, and there's no doubt that they have the talent to win again. Andrew Wiggins' two-way play will be crucial in their bid for another title, and they'll need him to continue to play elite defense on perimeter players.

Andrew Wiggins' contract expires after the 2022-23 season, and it was recently reported that the Warriors would be discussing a contract extension with him this summer. Warriors fans will want Wiggins to stay for a long time after what he was able to do in the Finals, and hopefully, they get the extension done sooner rather than later.