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Bad News  For The Clippers: Kawhi Leonard Can Become A Free Agent This Offseason

Bad News  For The Clippers- Kawhi Leonard Can Become A Free Agent This Offseason

With the Los Angeles Clippers in an 0-2 hole, and practically all of the NBA community laughing at them, it's not the best time to be a Clips fans -- and probably worse to be a player.

For Kawhi Leonard, who signed in 2019 to find basketball success at home, this isn't really what he had in mind when he joined.

And while the series isn't over yet, a first-round exit might be the final straw for Leonard who, unfortunately for the Clippers, has a player option on the last year of his deal.

He can become a free agent this summer if he declines.

Here's what he said back in December:

(via NBC Sports)

“Just for my situation right now, I’m just focused on this season,” said Leonard, who isn’t extension-eligible. “Not saying I’m going anywhere else or staying here, but I’m just focused on the season. Obviously, if I’m healthy, the best decision is to decline the player option, but that doesn’t mean I’m leaving or staying."

This would be a worst-case scenario for the Clippers.

Without Kawhi, they would have no hope of being competitive in the West, and a rebuild would likely become inevitable. Many question whether or not they'd even remain in the city.

Regardless, the next two games may very well determine the future of Kawhi Leonard and the Clippers franchise. We'll see how they respond.